SOLO: Self-Organized Learning Opportunity

Online Courses and Opportunities at CHS

For years, Coronado High School has offered online (computer-based, self-paced) courses during the school year and in summer school to students in need of remediating courses and credits.  At the end of last school year, CHS adopted the online independent study program offered through the former Coronado Pathways Charter School in an acknowledgment that particular students benefit from this approach to learning, along with access to the opportunities offered at our comprehensive high school.  This school year, we offered online independent study to former Pathways students as well as individual online courses to CHS students who demonstrated aptitude and rationale for an independent study in specific subject areas.  

  Application for the SOLO Program

Who Should Enroll in Online Courses?

There are three forms of online learning opportunities at CHS:

  1.  "Full-Time" SOLO/Online Independent Study:  Students who succeed in and benefit from taking the majority of their core academic courses in an online independent study format (with access to teachers during specific times of day, attendance requirements based on individual progress, and flexible scheduling) may apply to our SOLO Independent Study program. Students adopting this approach may be taking two online courses at a time, but complete each semester's coursework in six weeks.  These students often have an extracurricular, athletic, or career pursuit which requires committing a significant number of hours in the day.  Some students prefer working independently in smaller, quieter learning settings.  Students recommended for this approach to learning have both a rationale for pursuing independent study, and a profile that predicts success (strong organizational and time-management skills, ability to prioritize).  Schedule permitting, students who take a majority of online independent study courses may also enroll in one or two traditional courses at CHS, in which daily attendance is mandatory.   Students interested in SOLO Independent Study must apply. 
  2. "Hybrid" SOLO online learning and direct-instruction:  Some CHS students desire to take the majority of their classes in the traditional classroom setting, and one or two classes online, we call these students’ schedules “hybrid.”  Students who request an online independent study course in a particular subject must have both a rationale for that request as well as a profile and characteristics that predict success (strong organizational and time-management skills, ability to prioritize).  We require that students have access to the SOLO/online teacher for that subject on a daily basis, and may require daily attendance depending on each student's progress, and therefore, students' schedules may conflict with our online course offerings.  Students requesting any online course must apply.
  3. Credit Recovery:  We offer Credit Recovery courses at the first and last periods of the day so that students who have failed a course at CHS or who are deficient in credits for graduation may access an online credit recovery course (self-paced) with mandatory attendance until the course is completed.  Counselors will refer students for credit recovery, and/or students may request these courses as needed.  No application necessary.  

FAQs on SOLO (online) courses at CHS

Q:  If my student does not enjoy a particular class or teacher at CHS, can he/she drop and take it online? 

A:  CHS policy does not permit students to switch teachers based on preference.  Students are committed to the courses for which they register, but may drop within a two-week period at the beginning of the year if course placement is inappropriate.  Students interested in online learning must apply and opt for that approach before the beginning of the year. 


Q:  If most instruction is online, why is it possible that an online course “doesn’t fit” in my child’s schedule? 

A:  By law, students must have a teacher credentialed in the subject matter assigned to the course as their teacher of record.  We provide certificated teachers for each subject so that online learners may access assistance during specific times of day.  If your child cannot access that teacher during the scheduled time due to other course or scheduling conflicts, the course will not fit in your child’s schedule.  We have increased flexibilities for students, but students’ ideal scenario may not be available, and they will be required to prioritize choices when conflicts arise. 


Q:  My child would like to accelerate by taking extra courses online in the summer or in addition to a full load of courses at CHS.  Is this possible?

A:  CHS is not funded to provide more than six (or an optional seven) courses per year per student (with the exception of CoSA, which relies on donor funding for additional teachers).  In addition, your student must be able to meet with the credentialed teacher for each online subject he/she takes, and students with full loads do not have access to online teachers during their scheduled time. Summer school funding is reserved for students in need of Credit Recovery.  Students retain the option of enrolling in accredited private online course providers (at a fee) or community college in order to accelerate credits toward graduation (see your counselor for more information).

Q:  What if my student is not successful in an online course?  Can he/she drop it and enroll in a traditional, direct-instruction class?

A:  Students requesting online courses must apply so that counselors can properly predict success, and enrolling in an online course is a commitment to completing that course, as with any course at CHS.  If a student struggles in an online course, we will attempt to provide before and after-school support.  A switch to a traditional course may not work with a student’s schedule, or the curricula may not align in a way that supports student achievement. 


Q:  My student is in special education and has an IEP; is he/she eligible for online courses

A:  All students are eligible to apply to enroll in online courses; the application process ensures proper guidance and counseling to set our students up for success.  Students with IEPs may be enrolled in online courses as appropriate and in consideration of their Individual Education Plans (IEP)s.