Close to a Million People have Visited the CUSD Websites since 2013

Posted by: Jeffrey Felix 2 years ago

Close to a Million People have Visited the CUSD Websites since 2013

Way back in 2012, it became evident that our district and school websites were woefully inadequate in a variety of ways. The main content could not be displayed over a variety of devices and only skilled webmasters could change the information. Raindrop Marketing was hired to build a new website for all of our schools and ventures- a total of nine different websites!

Raindrop realized that websites - properly constructed - are information systems. They efficiently structure content to provide visitors with knowledge and insight. They deliver "the goods." They also serve as "interfaces" providing bridges and translations to connect users to other experiences. Given the sometimes poorly organized resources available on the Web, a good school website helps people find educationally worthwhile information with a minimum of wasted time and wandering.

Since the start of our first website in July 2013, over 807,000 people have visited. These visitors to district sites ( and all subdomains) have spent over 1.3 million minutes on the sites, which is 21,600 hours!

Obviously the Coronado Unified School District websites have performed a vital communication service to our staff and to the community. They have introduced visitors to the school - its mission, its character, its look, its offerings to children, its stance on new technologies and its overall spirit. The websites have informed our shareholders in a way no one thought possible a few years ago. Those responsible for creating and managing these websites have learned that ambitious designs require an investment in upkeep.

While most of the websites are managed for content by the school principals or department directors, the beautiful designs are still maintained by Raindrop Marketing. Their skilled technicians make sure that the websites continue to be easy to maintain while watching over the professional look and feel.

Did you know internet access from mobile devices more than doubled in 4 years? Due to this huge increase in mobile traffic, our district decided it was important to provide a responsive website to the community. Responsively designed websites are those that look great on a range of devices – not just desktops or larger screens. Whether you open our school website on a mobile, tablet, or laptop, the design will look amazing, and no functionality will be lost.

Any student, parent, or teacher can access our Learning Management System called Haiku from a range of devices, making it easier to manage content. Since our school websites are responsive, it’s really easy to update our website from a range of devices, including our homepage sliders, news blogs, and the popular calendar feature.