CHS: Our Vision/ Mission / Student Outcome Learning

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Our Vision Icon CHS: Our Vision

“We inspire, innovate, and create limitless opportunities to thrive.”

Our Mission Icon CHS: Our Mission

Quality Education for Life

Through rigorous academic standards, high expectations, and a coordinated curriculum, the Coronado Unified School District, in partnership with our small, involved community, will graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in higher education, careers, society, and life with the confidence not only to dream, but to determine their futures.

ESLR Icon CHS Student Learning Outcomes

Coronado High School will prepare its graduates to be:

1. Self-aware and resilient individuals who

  • identify areas of strength and growth, and develop, reflect on, and adjust goals
  • map their own unique learning paths aligned with life and career interests
  • prioritize and manage short- and long-term tasks
  • develop original and creative projects or services
  • demonstrate confidence in their capability to influence communities local to global

2. Analysts who

  • read, write, speak, and listen critically
  • evaluate and synthesize multiple media and the reasoning of others to draw conclusions
  • question, theorize, experiment, conclude, revise
  • develop, defend, and justify claims with evidence
  • choose appropriate strategies and resources for research, problem solving, and communication of understanding
  • apply learning to real-world scenarios

3. Collaborative teammates who

  • contribute to a co-curricular group (e.g. club, sport, civic organization)
  • cooperate with others to develop common goals and outcomes
  • balance leadership and contribution
  • practice constructive self and peer critique

4. Community members who

  • make informed decisions about personal wellness and balance
  • approach learning, expression, and relationships with respect and integrity
  • demonstrate understanding and respect for diverse viewpoints, belief systems, and cultures