Principal's Welcome to CHS School Year 2017-2018 Islanders!

Welcome Islander students and families to Coronado High School!

Principal’s Message


Welcome, Islander students and families, to the Coronado High School 2017-18 school year!

With gratitude, enthusiasm, and affection for my alma mater, I am privileged to serve as principal of Coronado High School, supporting a tradition of excellence and opportunities for our students.  I am proud of Coronado High School’s dedicated and inspiring staff, talented and engaged students, and generous and involved families and community members.

Coronado High School offers a wealth of opportunities for students to connect their secondary experiences with college and career goals, vocations and aspirations, and clubs, hobbies, and athletics.  Our instructional program includes courses in Career/Technical Education, the College Board Advanced Placement program, Naval Junior ROTC, Palm Academy (alternative education and interventions), and our Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) conservatories.  Islanders distinguish themselves in classrooms and competitions, in the arts, on playing fields, in giving to the school and community, and in encouraging and supporting one another.  Graduates of CHS are prepared to make informed choices about their futures, whether their paths lead them to our nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities, to travel internationally, to pursue technical or vocational training, to join the workforce, or to serve our country in the military. We look forward to continued collaboration with our staff and district leadership in sustaining a school community where students are supported in building confidence and pursuing their passions.

Our students continue to demonstrate academic excellence through state and national assessments. In addition to being recognized as a Blue Ribbon School, Distinguished School, and New American High School, the state of California awarded Coronado High School with additional honors as an Exemplary Career Technical Education site—one of only nine in the state. Each year, more students elect to enroll in our rigorous Advanced Placement courses and perform admirably on exams. We are committed to the implementation of Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, which emphasize conceptual awareness, problem solving, collaboration, synthesis, support of claims through evidence, relevant and real-world connections, and our students’ perseverance through the challenges of discovery and understanding.  Our faculty is committed to the increasing achievement of each and every student on our campus, as we continue to hone strategies and interventions to meet the needs of a diverse student body.  

I am proud to be part of a staff who forges close bonds with students and who are available to them for extra academic help, as well as for support of their extracurricular pursuits and social-emotional needs.  We will model, and you will learn, that the relationships established at Coronado High School are enduring.

We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for ALL students, and student voice is encouraged and appreciated at CHS.  We will continue ongoing dialogues with our student body about identity and inclusion in our school community, and explore new opportunities to include, inspire, and involve ALL Islanders in the life of our campus.  Recognizing the social-emotional needs of students who face the pressures of school in a fast-paced, media-rich environment, Coronado High School, with the support of the City of Coronado, is fortunate to provide broad counseling resources, including a full-time Clinical Counselor as part of our school counseling team.  Weekly mindfulness activities, “mood” checks, Career Day, Human Relations and Mental Health Awareness activities, and other programs to promote wellness and life balance have become fundamental parts of the culture at CHS.   

Our Coronado schools benefit from the support of a generous and committed community and the Coronado Schools Foundation and PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) in particular.  Through funding from CSF and a generous legacy gift from Frances Harpst, CHS is able to offer students STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) experiences, including engineering and robotics, broadcasting, hands-on labs, visiting artists, and arts projects and installations.

I encourage our students to seek out and grasp new challenges, considering honors and AP courses in areas which excite you, joining clubs aligned with your passions, participating in service events and opportunities, trying out for athletic teams and auditioning for roles in arts activities, and bringing new ideas and initiatives to your staff and student body.  We partner with our Associated Student Body leadership and representatives to provide students with exciting academic and extracurricular offerings to make CHS your second home.

Finally, we encourage you to get to know your teachers, counselors, administrators and support personnel at CHS, who are committed to helping you achieve your personal goals and assist you with your needs along the way.  

We thank our families and community partners for supporting students in coming to school prepared and with pride, curiosity, and vision for the future.  It’s going to be a wonderful year.

Welcome to our Islander Family!

Jenny Moore, Principal