9/11/17 Islander Family Email

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9/11/17 Islander Family Email

Dear Islander Families,


Gratitude and admiration for Islander Company NJROTC for hosting a memorial tribute to victims and heroes of 9/11 this morning at break.  Please see our CHS Facebook page for photos:  https://www.facebook.com/CoronadoIslanders/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel.  We stand with our nation and our hearts are with the families affected.  


Students are responding to an increase in accountability for attendance (both being in class, and being on time) this year.  Last year’s decrease in overall attendance at CHS affected student achievement and safety as well as funds we are eligible for from the state--funds with which we staff and support our programs.  We are responsible for ensuring your student is where he/she is meant to be at school, and we take our responsibility seriously.  Our aim is not to unduly punish students, but to emphasize the importance of timeliness and consistency in attendance to school (and ultimately, work).  We appreciate parents for supporting timely attendance reporting by calling 619-522-8907 x2094 or emailing Doris.Ricks@coronadousd.net the morning of each absence.  Please let us know when your student must miss school for a family event or opportunity outside CHS.  We will work with you!  


We are so excited to welcome you to campus tomorrow evening for Back-to-School Night!  Please use this link to download our schedule, and work with your student to fill in the courses and classrooms you will visit: http://chs.coronadousd.net/static/media/uploads/Coronado%20High%20School/Back%20to%20school%202017-2018.pdf


We will start with presentations from CHS leadership and community resources in the CHS Theatre at 5:00 PM.  In brief sessions with each of your student’s teachers afterwards, you will become acquainted with course curriculum, expectations, resources, and tips for supporting your student.  You will not have an opportunity to discuss your child’s individual progress tomorrow evening, but we encourage you to follow up with a phone call or email to teachers if you have questions.  


Tomorrow night at Back-to-School Night you will be introduced to a variety of ways you can voluntarily support CHS programs and opportunities through donations.  Our students and courses benefit greatly from all of the generous contributions of funds and time from families, individuals, organizations, and businesses. We would like to explain some of the funds you may be introduced to and their roles in supporting your student.  We emphasize that your child is entitled to a free and appropriate public education.  There are no mandatory fees associated with attending our high school and participating in our activities, and support is available for students needing assistance.

Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF: www.csfkids.org):  CSF is our district's non-profit schools foundation to support all four district school sites.  Last year CSF, due to generous donors and the result of successful fundraisers (gala auction and annual telethon) was able to contribute $266,000 to CHS's annual operating costs.  Those funds are equivalent to three teachers' salaries, and permit us to provide advanced opportunities in elective and academic pathways as well as the materials and technology to support them (Engineering, AP Computer Science, Advanced and AP Art, Band and AP Music Theory, Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics, Woodworking, AP Physics, and Sports Medicine are all examples of courses which have been funded by CSF.  Few schools our size can offer the depth and breadth of opportunities we can, because of CSF.  Coronado Schools Foundation funding, then, becomes part of our operating budget.  That is, we have become dependent on funding to continue our tradition of opportunities and excellence.  We encourage you to consider an annual contribution and/or volunteering for our fundraising events at www.csfkids.org.  

CHS Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO):  The best initial way to support our PTO is to join and become a member!  (http://chs.coronadousd.net/students-parents/chs-parentteacher-organization/).  Our CHS PTO hosts annual meetings for parents, teachers, and administrators, and supports student field trips, speakers/assemblies, student campus de-stress activities, and specific classroom projects from parent donations.  Because our school cannot use site funds to treat staff members to recognition meals and treats (such as Administrative Professionals Week), our CHS PTO generously provides our leadership team with funds to acknowledge our hardworking teammates.  PTO also hosts seasonal luncheons for our staff, including dinner for our teachers tomorrow night before Back-to-School Night.  Please consider contributing meals or help at student activities (including chaperoning)--not all resources PTO offers are financial!

Coronado Arts Education Foundation (CorArtsEd:  http://www.cosasandiego.com/ ):  

The foundation originally founded to support the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA), our extended-school-day program, has evolved into an organization to support the arts throughout the Coronado community.  Last year CorArtsEd was able to contribute $215,000 to CUSD to support arts education.  You can support arts education by attending one of the many arts performances, exhibits and family arts nights at all schools.  You are also invited to the Fall for the Arts performance and fundraiser on October 29:  food, fun, entertainment, and auction goodies - a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon on the CHS Quad.  Visit www.cosasandiego.com for more information.  

Islander Sports Foundation (ISF: http://islandersportsfoundation.com/ ):  If your child plays a CIF sport, you will be asked to consider a donation to ISF and/or your sport's Booster organization as part of supporting your child's team.  Our district funds simply do not cover all the costs of supporting inter-scholastic athletics at CHS, including coaches' stipends, uniforms, referees/officials, athletic trainer/medical supplies, and equipment.  There are opportunities to donate time by volunteering for the snack bar or by providing transportation for your child's team.

Department/Course Lab Donations:  Many of our courses and classes rely on consumable materials to properly support daily student activities, projects, and labs (paper and paint in art class, clay in ceramics, wood in woodworking, replacement of novels in English, etc.).  While CHS is committed to providing ALL students with the materials they need to meet the requirements of the courses in which they are enrolled, you may be asked to donate additional funds to support ordering and providing additional supplies and materials so students may extend their learning and projects throughout the year.  These class or department donations go into ASB funds to support student materials for projects in specific courses.  When a class or program asks for donations to support a field trip, it's an optional opportunity to support transportation or entrance fees associated with the enrichment experience.

Extracurricular club fundraising and support:  Our CHS clubs are responsible for raising funds to support their activities and endeavors.  Clubs which attend annual conferences (Health Occupations Students of America, Robotics) may have contributions from Coronado Schools Foundation to assist them with costs, and clubs and teams have reached out to local civics organizations for support as well.  


Students are being exposed to the range of clubs and opportunities on campus throughout the week this week during Club Week!  Students are signing up to join our various ASB-supported organizations, from Rock Climbing to Mock Trial to Ocean Conservation to International Film and American Red Cross.  Next week we will publish a list of available clubs with club presidents and faculty advisors and meeting times and locations so you can encourage your student to join if they didn’t already!


Rotary Club of Coronado Student Rotarian Program for CHS Seniors, Class of 2018:  The Coronado Rotary Club has re-established a long time tradition of hosting a Student Rotarian each month during the school year. Eight CHS Seniors will be selected as Student Rotarians to serve one month terms. In addition to attending the 2nd and 4th Wednesday Rotary Club Meetings at the Hotel Del from noon to 1:30 p.m., students will also participate in Rotary community service events such as Saturday Beach Clean-Up, Flags on the Avenue and Rotarians at Work Day.   Permission to attend the Wednesday Rotary meetings must be obtained from both the student’s fifth period teacher and a parent. Transportation to the Hotel Del will be provided.  Student Rotarians serve for a calendar month, and will be the guest of Rotarians for lunch. They will have different duties including Greeter, Introduction of Visitors, and Invocation and Pledge. During the final week, the Student Rotarian will deliver a two minute speech titled, “Who Am I.”  In their remarks, the Student will talk about their childhood and Coronado education, and post high school plans.   The Student will invite a CUSD staff member as their guest for lunch the final week, and during their speech, he or she will explain to the audience how this faculty member has inspired them during their Coronado school years.  Seniors interested in being considered as a Student Rotarian are encouraged to write a one-page Letter of Interest, describing their community service involvement, leadership experience, academic interests and career aspirations, and why they would consider themselves a good candidate for the Student Rotarian Program.   Please send your Letter of Interest by September 30, 2017 to: coronadostudentrotarian@gmail.com


Thank you,


Jennifer Moore, Principal Coronado High School 619.522.8907 x2096 http://chs.coronadousd.net/