ASB Applications - Deadline 4/4/16 at 3:00!

Posted by: Erin Rowan 4 years, 11 months ago

ASB Applications - Deadline 4/4/16 at 3:00!

This year, Associated Student Body is using a new system of voting to ensure that elected officers truly represent Coronado High School. In order to guarantee that officers are qualified to succeed and be accountable in their positions, we are requiring that class officers first qualify as ASB appointees. Applications for ASB itself have been sent out and are due Monday, April 4th (check class pages, front office, CHS ASB Facebook page, or room 507). Officer applicants (class and commissioners) will undertake the traditional ASB appointee process including interviews, recommendations, and a rigorous selection process. Once the ASB class has been selected, elections for specific offices will be held from within the newly appointed ASB class.  Considering the candidates for these offices have already undergone such an extensive selection process, the elections will be a popular vote. We are very excited for this new system and feel that it will create a better suited ASB class that will be excellent representatives of Coronado High School and its students.


Please have your application date and time stamped and turned into the front office or Mrs. Moore’s room no later than 3pm on Monday, 4/4. There will be a mandatory meeting for all applicants at lunch on Thursday, April 7 in room 507.


If you have any questions, please email the ASB Advisor, Mrs. Kellie Moore at

Click here for ASB Application. 

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