CSF Student Board Representative Opportunity for Current CHS Junior - Deadline 3:00 p.m. Friday, April 7th

Posted by: Erin Rowan 1 year, 1 month ago

CSF Student Board Representative Opportunity for Current CHS Junior - Deadline 3:00 p.m. Friday, April 7th

Dear CHS Junior,

We are now in the process of selecting the CSF Student Board Representative for the 2017-18, your SENIOR year. 

The Coronado Schools Foundation (“CSF”) Board believes it is important to seek out and consider students' ideas, viewpoints and reactions to the educational programs funded through CSF Program Funding for Site Program Grants, Technology Resource Teachers, and STEAM funding.  In order to provide student input and involvement, the Board shall include one Student Board Representative selected in accordance with procedures approved by the Board.

The term of Student Board Representative shall be approximately 13 months, commencing in May.  The Student Board Representative (“Representative”) shall have the right to attend all Board meetings except closed sessions.

The Student Board Representative shall be seated with regular Board members and be recognized at meetings as a full member.  The Student Board Representative may participate in the agenda by providing a school update, discussing issues and will receive the Board packet except materials related to closed sessions.

Characteristics of a Senior CSF Board Representative:

Senior Board Representative serves as an ambassador for CSF to our schools and greater Coronado community.   Applicants must be articulate, able to express their ideas in a group setting in a respectful and businesslike manner, able to think on his/her feet, knowledgeable about the impact of CSF funding on Coronado public schools, and have an interest in the workings of a nonprofit organization. 


1.            To provide continuing input for Board deliberations.

2.            To strengthen communications between the Board and Coronado district students.

3.           Understand what CSF funds at CHS and all campuses.  www.csfkids.org

4.            To represent all students and facilitate the discussion of all sides of issues.  This duty does not preclude the student Board Representative from stating his/her individual opinion.

5.            To serve as a mentor to the next Student Board Representative from April to June of his/her senior year.

6.            To assist CSF staff with administrative projects as well as with events working 1.5 hours per week in the office unless there is a Board Meeting that week.

Time Commitment:  The term of office shall be May of junior year - June 30th of senior year.

From May to June 30th of junior year, the Student Board Representative will learn about CSF as an organization and the position from the preceding Student Board Representative. They may attend meetings, but are only required to attend one meeting, preferably the May meeting when Program Funding is finalized for the next school year.  They may also attend a donor event in late April or early May. 

Beginning July 1 of senior year, the Student Board Representative will assume full responsibilities of the position and officially join the Board. The CSF Board Generally meets once per month on the second Tuesday at 6 pm and the Student Representative works as an intern in the CSF offices at 201 Sixth Street for up to 1.5 hours per week (on non-board meeting weeks), commencing in August. 

In March of senior year, the Student Board Representative will be involved in promoting the opportunity to CHS juniors and be involved in the selection process, working with CHS Principal, CSF CEO and another CSF Board Member.   The Student Board Representative will officially relinquish their position on June 30th of their senior year.

Application Process: Please complete the attached form – type or print - and turn it in to Mrs. Kastlunger in the CHS office by Friday, April 7th, 3 pm.  Interviews will then be scheduled, either during school lunch or after school.  The Representative will be selected in mid to late April.    Be sure and review the CSF website at www.csfkids.org.

If you have further questions about the CSF Student Board Representative, contact current Rep, senior Olivia Zaller, oliviazaller24@gmail.com, or Chief Executive Officer Patty Cowan, patty.cowan@coronadousd.net.

APPLICATIONS DUE TO CHS FRONT OFFICE BY 3:00 PM on Friday, April 7th, 2017, 3PM. 

Click here for CHS Student Rep Application.