Drill Today

Posted by: Erin Rowan 5 years, 2 months ago

Drill Today

Dear Islander Families,


The maintenance of your student’s safety and well-being are primary concerns of the staff at Coronado High School.  We will be holding a lockdown drill today at CHS to practice our response to a known threat on campus or in the community. 


Here’s what our staff and students can expect:

-We will announce the lockdown drill via the intercom as a DRILL and emphasize it is only a DRILL.

-Our expectations is that staff members quickly lock doors, turn off lights and close blinds, direct students to find cover in the safest place in their environment, and remain silent.

-When we are confident that our staff has secured our students and campus, we will release the lockdown via an all-clear announcement, and will share some additional information for students on our expectations and guidance during a threat-type emergency.   

-We will not evacuate to the football field.


In our follow-up announcement, we will encourage our students and staff to practice situational awareness and to preventively “See or Feel Something; Say Something!”  Please use this opportunity to talk with your student about his/her safety on campus and elsewhere, and plans to respond, stay safe, and communicate with you in the event of emergency.


In partnership with you,


CHS Administration