FAQs on SOLO (online) courses at CHS

Posted by: Jennifer Landry 5 years, 4 months ago

FAQs on SOLO (online) courses at CHS

We understand that CHS offers online courses for students; how does this work? 

Adding online course opportunities and increased flexibilities for students has been part of the vision of CHS, and last year we began planning to adopt the online curriculum and structure of courses formerly offered by Coronado Pathways Charter here at CHS.  At the time of registration last spring, our obligation was to provide online courses to any students enrolling at CHS in the fall who were formerly Pathways students.  As we were uncertain about how online courses would be offered in tandem with our traditional courses at CHS, we did not open online options to all students for registration last spring, and staffed our school accordingly.  Over the summer we put a structure in place to offer SOLO  (self-organized learning opportunity) classes in each subject area for one period of the day over five periods, with additional courses offered for students in need of credit recovery.  Most students enrolled in SOLO courses are former Pathways students who were screened by counselors as appropriate fits for online, independent learning.  On a case-by-case basis, we have enrolled additional CHS students in SOLO courses, primarily as a result of schedule conflicts.

Will my student have an opportunity to enroll in SOLO classes next semester or next year?

We look forward to offering online courses to CHS students as part of registration for school year 2016-17 this spring.  As with any course registrations, our counselors will guide and advise students about the appropriateness of online learning options as they relate to individual students’ motivation, independence, and accountability.  

Current students do NOT have the option to switch to online courses now or at the semester, unless other course changes due to inappropriate placement necessitate such a change.  CHS does not offer semester-long courses (except for government and economics), and we have staffed our school for the entire school year. 

What have you learned so far this year through implementation of SOLO courses on a small scale?

We are learning more each day about which types of learners benefit from online learning, and how to predict if your child may excel in such a structure or setting.  We will publish these characteristics in the spring to help your child choose courses for next year. 

We will be looking at how to schedule SOLO courses during the day to maximize students’ access to their resources and minimize conflicts with traditional CHS courses. 

We are learning that the experience in some online courses may be very different from the experience in traditional courses, and that this difference can pose challenges when students take an online course one year and the traditional CHS course the next.  We will be exploring the extent to which this is true in foreign language, for example, so we can properly advise students. 

What is the future of online learning at CHS?

We believe that it won’t be long before most students graduate from CHS with at least one online learning experience on their transcripts.  While we will proceed with caution and continue to carefully advise students on their best and most appropriate course loads, online courses provide students with a structure and mode of learning they will likely see again in college or career, provide flexibility for students with schedule conflicts or extracurricular obligations, and can allow students to focus attention on specific courses in different ways while maximizing their strengths.