Islander Family Email - 10/13/16

Posted by: Erin Rowan 4 years, 4 months ago

Islander Family Email - 10/13/16


Dear Islander Families,

This week is Homecoming Week, with dress days each day (Pajama Day on Thursday and Class Shirt day on Friday), and the pep rally, parade, and home water polo and football games on Friday, including crowning of our King and Queen at halftime Friday night.  Homecoming has special meaning here in Coronado, a tight-knit community full of alumni and school supporters, where former students often come back to teach, including your principal :).  Please join the parade route along Orange Avenue between 7th and 10th and cheer on our football team, our classes’ floats, and our Homecoming Court!

Tonight is the last night of float building and ALL preparations must end by 10 PM!! Good luck to our classes, and thank you for participating in a friendly float competition.

If you have not returned your FEDERAL SURVEY CARD, please do so ASAP!  Thank you!

We are experiencing an increase in the presence of mosquitoes on the CHS campus and across the district.  The County of San Diego Vector Control is investigating possible breeding locations in the neighborhood, we are taking preventive measures including spraying and cleaning drains, and we have provided zappers as well as natural repellents for classrooms that appear to be most directly affected.  We are doing our best to understand the genesis of this problem, and regret that our students and staff are suffering from bites.

CHS will be offering an eight week group called Growing Mindful and Balanced. This is an experiential group that uses the Little Flower Yoga methodology to teach mindfulness through yoga and the use of the five senses.  Each group consists of various activities that support students in building self-awareness and resiliency.  This group exposes students to all of the potential ways that yoga and mindfulness can support them in a developmentally appropriate way. The group will be meeting on Mondays after school from 2:45-3:30pm. Each group series will have 8-10 students meeting weekly for eight weeks. The prerequisites to attend are that students must be committed to attend all eight classes and to have an open mind. For more information regarding the group or to register please email Afsaneh Safaie,

Did you know that we hold weekly 5-minute mindful meditations right before school on Wednesdays?  Mindfulness can help with anxiety, stress, athletic performance, healthy eating, and academic achievement!  Please encourage your student to join us in room 518 on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 for a restful start to the day!

2016 PSAT TEST SCHEDULE (Please note changes to when classes are scheduled next week on Tuesday and Wednesday)


Tuesday, October 18


E Period     7:00—8:35


Period 1     8:40—9:35


Break        9:35—9:45


Period 2     9:50—10:45


Period 3    10:50—11:45


Lunch       11:45—12:25


Period 4    12:30—1:25


Period 5    1:30—2:25


Wednesday, October 19


Period 5    Testing 8:40—12:30

Students test with their fifth period teacher in their fifth period classroom.

               10 minutes for teachers to turn in boxes

Lunch        12:40—1:20


Period 6      1:25—2:25

Period  7     2:35—4:10


Thank you!


Jennifer Moore, Principal
Coronado High School
619.522.8907 x2096