Islander Family Email - 10/6/17

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Islander Family Email - 10/6/17



Dear Islander Families,


Remember we have a long weekend ahead!  Enjoy Monday, October 9th  as a fall break off from school!

Coronado High School has a School Site Council comprising principal, teachers (4), classified staff (1), parents (3), and students (3).  The SSC meets quarterly to review our Site Strategic Plan, budget, and develop our LCAP.  Your parent SSC representatives in their second year of service are Vincent Aiello and Kathleen Mulvehill.  Tami Sandke has completed her second year of service, and we will be holding an election to fill her position--thank you, Tami, for serving!  Please email me ( by next Wednesday if you are interested in running for the position on our School Site Council, and include a summary of your background and interest in serving (fewer than 250 words, please) to include on our ballot, which we will release on Thursday.


CHS students and staff will participate in annual safety drills, including fire, earthquake, and lockdown preparation.  We will be joining other schools and organizations in the state in the Great California Shakeout (earthquake drill) on October 19.  We will be sharing safety protocols and information with you throughout the year.  


Next Wednesday we will administer the PSAT to our 9th , 10th, and 11th graders.  Please see changes to our bell schedule for ALL STUDENTS Tuesday and Wednesday below, and the permission slip for senior field trip to the movies Wednesday morning here:

Tuesday, October 10                                                       Wednesday, October 11                    

Period E                        7:00—8:35                                              Period 5  Testing  8:40—12:30

Period 1                        8:40—9:35                                              Students will test with their fifth period

Break                             9:35—9:45                                              teacher in their fifth period classroom.

Period 2                        9:50—10:45                             

Period 3                        10:50—11:45                                                      Lunch                            12:40—1:20

Lunch                            11:45—12:25                                                     Period 6                        1:25—2:25

Period 4                        12:30—1:25                                                       Period 7                        2:35—4:10

Period 5                        1:30—2:25                                         

The PSAT serves as a practice test for the SAT, an indicator of which AP courses your student should consider, and an identifier of students for the National Merit Scholarship program.  For more information see the College Board’s website:


Our National Honor Society hosts free after-school tutoring for all students in the CHS Library every Monday and Wednesday from 2:30-4 PM.  Both peer and staff tutors are available!


Our next PTO meeting is Monday, October 23, at 6 PM in the CHS Library.  Following regular business will be a presentation and discussion on Responsible Host Ordinances.  For more information on Coronado’s ordinance, visit the city’s website at under “municipal codes.”   


On Wednesday morning we held an optional staff and student forum on issues related to identity at CHS.  Five students attended, and about 20 staff members participated, using a protocol that encouraged students to speak in turn (or pass) from personal experience or observation.  Some concerns expressed in the forum:

  • We are living in a time of increased identity and ideological awareness, and increased polarization of views and increased assumptions about others based on politics
  • Some students are sharing that they do not feel there are adequate and consistent opportunities to discuss current events at school
  • Some students are sharing feeling that they “don’t belong” at CHS
  • Staff members shared concerns about the risks of student/parent perceptions that they are imposing views on students, and a desire for resources and strategies to facilitate safe discussions about controversial topics in which a variety of views can be shared

We recognize that as learners/developing humans, students view school as a place to process their thoughts and feelings about events and information which occur and are shared in their various worlds (including online).  As their teachers, leaders, mentors, and guides, we have a responsibility to be aware of students' needs and appropriately address them.  We will continue to remind students often we are here to listen, ask students about their needs, determine next steps, and point them to resources we have available.  


We are pursuing three actions this year:

  1. initiating additional student forums, focus groups, and opportunities to hear from diverse voices.  The next one will be Tuesday, October 17th at lunch in Room 509.
  2. providing increased opportunities for staff discussions and providing resources and strategies for staff to guide students
  3. forming a "Task Force" of students, staff, and families to determine:  what are our challenges?  What actions can we take to address them?  What are our short- and long-term goals?  If you are interested in participating on such a team, please let us know.  We anticipate convening a first meeting in early November.  


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Thank you,


Jennifer Moore, Principal
Coronado High School
619.522.8907 x2096