Islander Family Email - 11/13/17

Posted by: Erin Rowan 4 months, 1 week ago

Islander Family Email - 11/13/17



Dear Islander Families,


We are looking forward to a visit from our WASC Accreditation team on Wednesday as part of our mid-cycle review.  The team will meet with site and district leaders, teacher and support staff representatives, parents, and students throughout the day, as well as observe classes in action.  The team will report their findings at the end of the day, including areas of progress and continued focus/growth.  We will share their report with shareholders when we receive it.  Parents/guardians are welcome to meet with our WASC visiting team to share experiences at CHS on Wednesday from 9 to 9:45 AM on campus; please email if you plan to attend, and check in at the front office.  


Senior send-off ads have become a tradition here at our school and we just wanted to remind you that the special early bird discounted deadline for submitting your child’s yearbook ad will be here before you know it, this week on November 16th.

If you would like to buy a senior baby ad this year, please visit

Early Bird Deadline, Nov. 16, 2017: 1/4 page ad= $85, 1/2 page ad= $160, Full page ad= $300.

Second Deadline, Dec. 14, 2017: 1/4 page ad= $100, 1/2 page ad= $175, Full page ad= $325.

Final Deadline, Jan. 18, 2018: 1/4 page ad= $125, 1/2 page ad= $195, Full page ad= $350.

You can use the attached print out form, or do it all/upload online.

Please ONLY contact for baby ads.

Please note, if you purchase a baby ad, you still must purchase a yearbook separately.


Finally, we wish to extend our gratitude to our students, families, and staff for the privilege of working on a team of exceptional colleagues in this special community with amazing students and their families.  Please enjoy a week of rest, gratitude, and meals with families and friends.  School will resume on Monday, November 27.  


Thank you,


Jennifer Moore, Principal
Coronado High School
619.522.8907 x2096

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