Islander Family Email 1/31/17

Posted by: Erin Rowan 4 years, 1 month ago

Islander Family Email 1/31/17

Dear Islander Families,

CHS is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for ALL students.  Acknowledging that meeting that commitment requires continuous efforts, we are opening an ongoing dialogue by hosting a forum for students to share their experiences and learn from others at CHS on Tuesday, January 31 at lunch in Room 404, hosted by Mr. Hoang, and moderated by student leader Alaina Christie and Principal Jenny Moore.  We are interested in hearing from students who may feel they are part of a population that is underrepresented, misunderstood, overlooked, or the subject of teasing, discrimination, or harassment. The forum will be an opportunity for students to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings, as well as to listen and learn from one another.  There will be ways to provide input in writing as well.  We will follow up with additional meetings and appropriate actions.

Parents and guardians, please reach out or schedule a meeting with me if you have thoughts, concerns, or suggestions about ways to include, inspire, and involve ALL Islanders in the life of our campus.  


Jenny Moore, Principal

Coronado High School

(619)-522-8907 x2096