Islander Family Email - 3/5/18

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Islander Family Email - 3/5/18



Dear Islander Families,


This Thursday is our annual Coronado Schools Foundation Telethon at CHS in our theatres and quad!  Please bring your families/friends and enjoy food and activities on campus, and entertainment in the theatre from 4:30-8:30.  CSF contributions to CHS are about half of our discretionary budget.  We are grateful for our community’s support for student opportunities!


Counselors’ Announcements for Seniors:

If you are interested in attending community college next year, sign up for the following activities on Naviance/Family Connection (you will also need teacher permission to attend):

  • Mesa College representatives will visit campus Thursday, April 5th
  •  at 11 AM in the CHS Library
  • City College will be here Thursday April 5th
  •  at 1 PM in the CHS Library.  
  • Southwestern College will be in the library on Friday, April 6th
  •  at 1 PM.  
  • If you are interested in City College of Santa Barbara (a community college with dorms!) see Ms. Johnston
  •  for information.  
  • Southwestern Community College Field Trip is Tuesday March 13th!
  •    There is room for 50 seniors to attend and transportation and lunch will be provided.  Students will miss 2nd – 5th period.  There are additional field trip forms in the front office. Bring your completed form to Ms. Johnston or Ms. Goldman.


College Board AP (Advanced Placement) exams registration is open for CHS students (Deadline March 16) here:  AP exams are associated with AP courses at CHS and are voluntary.  Students are encouraged to research which AP exams and scores are eligible for credit/advancement at their preferred colleges.  

Coronado High School – AP Exam Registration

Families and students attending Coronado High School can register here for the 2018 Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Administration. Deadline to register: March 16 Please ...

Every15Minutes Program (Drunk Driving Awareness) for Juniors and Seniors on March 15 and 16:  

Last year, PTO and the Coronado Police Department helped us sponsor an assembly and simulation experience on drunk and distracted driving for our senior class.  This year, members of Coronado Police Department and CHS ASB, with a grant from the California Highway Patrol, are coordinating an immersive two-part drunk driving prevention experience for our 11th and 12th graders.  On Thursday, juniors and seniors will observe a simulated crash site with participation of CHS students in the enactment of an alcohol-related automobile accident.  On Friday, students will attend an assembly including speakers whose family members have been affected by drunk driving.  You may learn more about the program here:

Every 15 Minutes

What is "Every 15 Minutes" The Every 15 Minutes program is a two-day program focusing on high school juniors and seniors, which challenges them to think about ...


CHS last hosted the program in 2005, and the Eagle & Journal published an article about it:

We are committed to ongoing efforts to raise awareness and responsibility regarding substance abuse and drunk and distracted driving.  Programs available differ in strategy and structure.  We look forward to experiencing Every15Minutes and subsequently assessing its role in our future plans to educate our students on these topics.


Sophomore and Freshman Activities:

On Monday March 12, our sophomores will attend an annual field trip to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.   We are grateful to the Coronado Schools Foundation and the Coronado Chabad, generous supporters of our 10th graders’ experience.  On Thursday, March 15, our freshmen and sophomores will attend an assembly featuring a gentleman who survived the Holocaust.  We are grateful and excited about this unique opportunity.


Upcoming Calendar Events:  

Please click here for a link to our “Daily Bulletin” with a list of upcoming activities and events:



Thank you,




Jennifer Moore, Principal

Coronado High School

619.522.8907 x2096