Islander Family Email - 4-13-18

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Islander Family Email - 4-13-18



Dear Islander Families,


We are grateful to the handful of students who participated in our Student Safety Forum on Wednesday afternoon and shared feedback and ideas with district administrators, representatives of Coronado police and fire, Coronado SAFE employees, and other community members.  We recognize that the timing of the meeting prohibited broader participation of students, but are committed to continuing dialogue and additional opportunities for student participation in safety planning in the areas of emergency preparedness, social/emotional supports, and communication.  Our district’s Safety Committee, with student, staff, parent, and community member representation, also met for the first time this week and work coordinating safety plans, implementing new safety protocols, and updating facilities is already underway.  At CHS, for example, hallway doors and windows have been frosted to decrease visibility from the outside.  We will continue to update our families on safety and security at CHS.  


Thank you to our CHS PTO for hosting an evening last week dedicated to “Alternatives to 4-Year College.”  With approximately 75 students and family members in attendance to learn more from representatives from the military, community colleges, local employers, gap year and international exchange programs, and more, we will continue this awareness opportunity next year!


CHS Alum and street artist/muralist Kelcey Fisher has been on campus this week working with our visual arts department and students on installation of a large-scale mural on the space over our front gates facing the quad.  This project is one of a series of art works on our campus funded by CSF and demonstrating collaboration between working artists and our students, exposing them to careers in the arts and further enriching our campus art spaces.  Later this spring Kelly Telebrico’s ceramics classes will install a sculpture “garden” near the 500 building.  We are grateful to our arts teachers and CSF for their vision and support!  See our Facebook page for photos of this work in progress.


April is the Month of the Military Child! This is a special time for families, schools, and the community to recognize our unique military youth population. At CHS we will PURPLE UP next Thursday, April 19th. Purple symbolizes the combination of Army green, Navy blue, Air Force blue, Coast Guard blue, and Marine red. Remember to thank your military youth for their adaptability, bravery, and sacrifice; kids serve too! Don’t forget to wear your purple next Thursday and help us flood Coronado with appreciation for our military students.  

Related Upcoming Events:

Free outdoor movies on the NASNI Navy Lodge lawn Fri. April 6th and 27th at sunset.

Youth Paint Night at the Silver Strand Teen Center Thurs. April 19th 4pm $25 call 619-437-3190 to register.

Operation Megaphone (teen lock-in on NASNI) Fri. April 27th - Sat. April 28th 7:30pm - 7:30am call 619-435-5056 for more information.


Have a fantastic weekend!

Thank you,


Jennifer Moore, Principal
Coronado High School
619.522.8907 x2096

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