Islander Family Email - 8/25/17

Posted by: Erin Rowan 3 years, 6 months ago

Islander Family Email - 8/25/17

August 25, 2017


Dear Islander Families,

We enjoyed our first two days with our students!  We are so impressed with our Islanders’ amazing attitudes and enthusiasm for school.  Students celebrated the end of the first week with a welcome back pep rally.


We have some exciting new additions to our team of Islander educators and shifts in counseling caseloads:

Timothy Hopper, Assistant Principal

Lindsay Goldman,  counselor for students with last names A-G

Kristine Johnston, counselor for students with last names H-O

Deborah Collins, counselor for students with last names P-Z

Afsaneh Safaie, Clinical Counselor

Emily Craig, Military Family Life Counselor

Natalie Cruz, ASB and AP Accountant

Bruce Reaves, Workability Coordinator

Sarah McKee, Math Teacher

Kevin Donahue, PE Teacher

Amanda White, English Teacher

Madison Petrin, Special Education

Dana O’Connor, Special Education (12th Grade)

Josh Montoya, Special Education (11th Grade)

Janet Jimenez, Day Custodian

Gina Villagomez, Instructional Aide for Palm Academy

Kevin Clay, Instructional Aide

Rhonda Gearhart, Instructional Aide

Mairead Stea, Student Teacher for Brooke Scott (Special Education)

Katelyn Estrada, Student Teacher for Casey Tanaka (Social Studies)


We regret that we were unable to hire a credentialed Home Economics teacher to fill our position and student demand for this elective.  Students enrolled in this elective are being offered other opportunities which fit their schedules.  




Assistant Principal Tim Hopper will be supporting our school, students, and families in daily attendance.


We are striving mightily this year to improve attendance rates across CUSD and Coronado High School.

Each student is expected to be “in class, on time.” This is not only a legal requirement; it is also in the best interests of the student’s academic and personal development.  Being “in class, on time” is the CHS standard for personal responsibility and consideration of other students and the teachers.


Our attendance policy (in accordance with Ed. Code 48205) stipulates that absences can ONLY be excused for the following reasons:  personal illness; health department quarantine; medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic appointments; attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member; jury duty or any other court order requiring a personal appearance such as a subpoena; exclusion for failure to present evidence of immunization; observance of a religious holiday; attendance at a SART or SARB (Attendance Review) hearing.


If your student must be absent from school please contact our school attendance office FIRST THING IN THE MORNING at 522-8907 x2094.  Automated calls will be going out each day at 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM to inquire after absent students whose absence has not been cleared.


If your student has an absence that has not been cleared by you, your student may be given consequences including lunch detention, after school detention, or Friday School (a one- or two-hour detention on a Friday).


If you have planned family trips, or your child is involved in an outside club or organization for which there are contests or conferences on school days, please let us know in advance and do not call your child in sick.  We consider these “personal” absences for which there is no school penalty, though we will encourage your student to attend one of our new (voluntary) Saturday Enrichment experiences (SAT prep, art studio time, college essay workshops, etc.).  


If your student will be absent for a trip five or more consecutive days, please request and Independent Study Contract in advance.


Please let us know if you are having trouble getting your child to come to school, including for reasons of anxiety or depression.  We want to help support you and your child’s wellness and success.  


Students are expected to be in school every day and in classes on time.  This means in the classroom before the tardy bell rings and prepared to learn (homework completed, necessary books and supplies ready).


Regular daily attendance is a key factor to the success a student achieves at school.  Absence from school limits a student’s educational opportunities, which can have a direct impact on his/her grades, academic achievement, self-esteem, and ultimately their success in future endeavors.


If students are well and are able to attend school, please encourage regular attendance.  Whenever possible, schedule doctor appointments and other non-school activities outside of the instructional day.

90% Attendance sounds good, but means that your student misses:

  • One half day each week
  • Nearly four weeks every school year
  • Over one school year in a school career


Students can only benefit and make the most of their educational opportunities if they attend school regularly and on time.  Students who miss school, miss out on opportunities to learn and develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become good citizens and valued employees.  There is a clear connection between student attendance and student performance in school.  Every day counts.


In addition, average daily attendance rates determine per-student allocations for budgeting our school’s programs and staffing.  To continue to offer the wealth of programs and opportunities at CHS, we need to count on consistent attendance from our students and support from their families.


We appreciate your efforts and support as we continue to ensure quality teaching and learning at CHS on a daily basis.


Communication between Home and School:


With a foundation of mutual trust, value, and respect, our staff members partner with you in the development of your child and support of their passions, dreams, and goals.  We invite you and your student to communicate with us the best ways to meet your learners’ needs.  We are adopting an inquiry approach of “seek first to understand, then to be understood” in our internal communications and correspondences with families.  We request that you, too, inquire and avoid assumptions as we team on behalf of our students’ success.  Our administrators are available to you with any concerns or questions.


When your student has a question or concern about a CHS class, activity, or program:

  1. Support your child’s self advocacy and encourage him/her to approach the appropriate teacher or coach.
  2. If your student continues to face challenges or you feel the matter is unresolved, parent may call, email, and/or request an appointment with the teacher or coach.
  3. If concerns continue, parent may consult an assistant principal (Timothy Hopper, general CHS; Miriam Tullgren, Palm Academy and credit recovery programs; Shane Schmeichel, CoSA program).
  4. Principal Jenny Moore is available thereafter to address unresolved concerns.

We welcome your questions, feedback, and interest in our programs and opportunities--please feel free to reach out to any administrator.  Our counseling staff is available to meet with you regarding student social/emotional, academic, and family challenges.  Please keep us informed so we may partner with you to serve your student’s unique needs.  


Upcoming Events:

On Monday August 28 at 7PM, we will “Raise the Banners” in our gym in celebration of the successes of our athletic teams and coaches last year. This event is a great opportunity to meet some of our new coaches and celebrate that we are a school with a tradition of excellence in academics, arts, and athletics!


Our Back to School Night for all parents and guardians will be Tuesday, September 12 at 5PM (schedule to follow).  Your student will provide his/her class schedule so you can navigate the campus with ease that evening (we will not be printing schedules for parents).


See our calendar/daily bulletin with additional events here:


We want to thank the community of Coronado for its support of our schools in so many ways, with special gratitude to the Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF) and our PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization).  We simply couldn’t offer our students the breadth of programs and opportunities without them.  Please consider joining, volunteering, and contributing to both organizations!


Have a great weekend, Islanders!

Thank you,


Jennifer Moore, Principal Coronado High School 619.522.8907 x2096