Islander Family Update - 9/26/16

Posted by: Erin Rowan 4 years, 5 months ago

Islander Family Update - 9/26/16



Dear Islander Families,


Heat Day:  We hope you are staying cool in the heat!  Today is a Heat Day/Minimum Day, and Superintendent Karl Mueller is watching the weather to make determinations for future school days this week, although we expect cooler weather before the weekend.  On minimum heat days at CHS, CoSA courses are usually cancelled, but expect specific notifications from CoSA Director Shane Schmeichel.  Athletic practices and contests proceed in collaboration with specific coaches and our league and CIF conference/county guidelines.  


Homecoming Float building:  In preparation for the Homecoming Parade after school on October 14, each of our classes will be building a float (hosted at a family’s home).  Float building is scheduled between September 29-October 13, with specific times determined by the class (encourage your student to access detailed info via his/her class Facebook page or by emailing class advisor--9th grade,; 10th grade,; 11th grade,; 12th grade,  Float building is meant to promote class unity and healthy competition, and not to interfere with priorities of homework, academic or athletic commitments/success, and good citizenship. Students of a particular class who impede the building of another class’s float or who threaten the safety of classmates or Coronado citizens face school consequences and the potential of their class float being disqualified from the parade/competition.  Let’s have a great time celebrating CHS Homecoming 2016 with all Islanders, community members and fans, and alumni!

Homecoming 2016:  For information about the dance on October 15, including permission slip, cost, and deadlines, please see our website at:


Islander Sports Foundation Annual Meeting : September 28th, 2016 at 6:00PM in the Winn Room at the Coronado Library.  Elections will be held for Board positions.  If you are interested in running for a Board position, please email our Executive Director, Dani Willenberg at All are invited to attend and learn about how ISF is making an impact on both Middle School and High School Athletics.


CHS is pleased to announce the start of a new, ongoing, on campus lunch group, "Casual, Creative Corner." This group is open to all students.  We will meet every Monday during lunch in the College/Career Center. The focus of this group is to provide a safe space to build social connections through music, art, legos, tinkering, and more. No skill level and no expectations. If you are tired of feeling bored at lunch come spend your time with us!


PSAT Test at CHS:  CHS is proud to offer the PSAT test for ALL 9th, 10th, and 11th graders on October 19 (Seniors will have a class movie and college and career workshops during test time).  The PSAT serves as a practice test for the SAT, an indicator of which AP courses your student should consider, and an identifier of students for the National Merit Scholarship program.  For more information see the College Board’s website:

Schedules for all students will be released closer to the date of the test.  


Reminders for Students:


In response to feedback from neighbors and community members, we have reminded our students to represent Islander ideals when they are in the community for lunch or before or after school:  picking up trash, addressing community members with respect, and driving and biking safely and conscientiously.  


What is the CHS Dress Code?

The revised CHS dress code can be found online in our Student Handbook: In a nutshell, students are permitted to wear hats outdoors on campus, and are required to wear straps on their tops and to reasonably cover their backs, sides, midsections, chests, and rear ends.  Clothing or accessories which present a health or safety concern, or which have words or images which may disrupt learning is prohibited.  Our aim is to guide students in recognizing a distinction between “school” and “weekend” attire, and emphasize that students should dress for the “business of school.” Students out of compliance will be informed of the policy and may be asked to change.


Thank you!


Jennifer Moore, Principal
Coronado High School
619.522.8907 x2096