Principal's Message

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Principal's Message

August 24, 2016

Welcome, Islander students and families, to the Coronado High School 2016-17 school year!

With gratitude, enthusiasm, and affection for my alma mater, I am privileged to serve as principal of Coronado High School, supporting a tradition of excellence and opportunities for our students. I am proud of Coronado High School’s dedicated and inspiring staff, talented and engaged students, and generous and involved families and community members.

Our themes for the year are fostering investment and supporting inclusion, with the goal that over the course of their time at CHS, each graduate has experiences that are linked to their future vocation, extracurricular interests and hobbies, and a healthy lifestyle.  In that spirit, we continue to expand our career pathways courses, electives offerings, clubs, and activities, and mental and physical health awareness.  Your feedback and help identifying your/your student’s particular needs and passions allow us to continue to better serve our community.  

New Islander Teammates:

We have several new staff members to introduce to you (we will share their detailed biographies in an upcoming email), beginning with new members of our Leadership Team.  Dennis Perez, Assistant Principal, joins us from Fallbrook High School, and Miriam Tullgren, Assistant Principal with a focus on Palm Academy for Alternative Learning, served as a teacher and English Language Development Coordinator at High Tech High Media Arts in San Diego.  

Also joining the Islander Team this year:

Lindsay Goldman, Counselor for CoSA, SOLO (online learning), Career Technical and Adult Education Programs.  

Jamie Greek, School Psychologist

Rachel Blackwell, Mathematics

Luke Bernardy, Physics

Edward Kramer, Film and Broadcasting

Meghan Terry, Special Education

Tammie Pontsler, Home Economics and Credit Recovery/Success Skills

Lorraine Castellanos, CoSA Instrumental Music, Electronic Music, and Choir

Natasha Mulholland, English

Suzie Harris, Instructional Aide

Linda Leal, Instructional Aide

We have two intern teachers working with CHS mentor teachers this semester, CHS graduate Cassie Scott in English with Ms. Bice and Ms. Pehrsson, and Antje Ehlert-Cash in Biology with Ms. Tippets.  

Biology teacher Nicole Belong has assumed the role of ASB Advisor!

We are in the process of hiring a new librarian and look forward to sharing news soon.  

We ask for your patience and understanding as we start the year with substitute/guest teachers in some of our courses, due to family emergencies and recent hires.  We have carefully selected substitutes for their long-term relationships with CHS, and they are collaborating with both the permanent teacher and colleagues in their department to ensure instruction is aligned and our students remain on track.  We will have substitutes in place temporarily for French teacher Jon Zimmer, Chemistry Teacher Grace Kim, and English teacher Natasha Mulholland.  

Course Schedules:

Students’ schedules were available for pickup Tuesday and Wednesday and are viewable on Synergy as well.  Our counselors prioritized meeting with new students who needed course schedules, students with missing courses/periods, and students enrolled in multiple math courses in error, for example.  We know, however, that some students’ schedules do not align with requests made in the spring.  Students whose schedules were not stamped “See Counselor” but have course errors on their schedules will have an opportunity to make schedule change requests beginning on Monday afternoon.  

We cannot guarantee our alternative schedules (E-5 or 2-6 for seniors).  We build our schedule around student demand, and are only offering four E period courses this year.  Students who requested E period or 2-6 who found their schedules to be different may have courses that do not fit in those periods/times.  We have built in flexibilities to better meet the needs of students, but the more options we offer, the more complicated scheduling becomes—and sometimes there are conflicts.  Nevertheless, we are committed to offering as much variety as we can, even if it forces students to make choices and sometimes compromise.  The alternative is one bell schedule and fewer course options—easier to manage, but not aligned with our vision. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Breakfast and Lunch at CHS:

Our Cafeteria is open this year for the first time in many years for breakfast, thirty minutes prior to school each day!  Our lunch menu includes hot meals as well as a salad bar.  Please visit our district website to enroll your child in a meal charge program, or sign up for free/reduced lunch:

Upcoming Dates/Events:

We are on a regular Thursday Bell Schedule for the first day of school and a pep rally schedule for Friday the 26th.

Also Friday the 26th:  Our first home football game, and a dance afterwards (see information about dances below).   

Tuesday, August 30, 6:30 PM:  New Student/Freshman Family Information

Monday, September 12, 5:00 PM:  Back-to-School Night

Let’s Have a Great Year!

I encourage our students to seek out and grasp new challenges, joining clubs aligned with your passions, participating in service events and opportunities, trying out for athletic teams and auditioning for roles in arts activities, and bringing new ideas and initiatives to your staff and student body. We partner with our Associated Student Body leadership and representatives to provide students with exciting academic and extracurricular offerings to make CHS your second home.

Finally, we encourage you to get to know your teachers, counselors, administrators and support personnel at CHS, who are committed to helping you achieve your personal goals and assist you with your needs along the way.

We thank our families and community partners for supporting students in coming to school prepared and with pride, curiosity, and vision for the future. It’s going to be a wonderful year.

Welcome to our Islander New Year!



What is the CHS Dress Code?

The revised CHS dress code can be found online in our Student Handbook: In a nutshell, students are permitted to wear hats outdoors on campus, and are required to wear straps on their tops and to reasonably cover their backs, sides, midsections, chests, and rear ends.  Clothing or accessories which present a health or safety concern, or which have words or images which may disrupt learning is prohibited.  Our aim is to guide students in recognizing a distinction between “school” and “weekend” attire.  Students out of compliance will be informed of the policy and may be asked to change.


How do Dances work?  What can my child expect when he/she attends a dance at CHS?

CHS hosts casual dances on campus and often in association with another school event (athletic or arts event).  Informal dances usually begin at 9 and end at 11 PM.  Once students enter the dance, they may not leave (without parent communication with an administrator) until 10:30 PM.  Students must show IDs to enter a dance, and are charged admission, with a discount for ASB cardholders (Non-CHS students are not permitted at informal dances).  


Upon entrance to the dance, students are subject to random (e.g., we “pull over” every 7th student) breathalyzing by an administrator with a PAS (Passive Alcohol Sensor).  We practice random breathalyzing at all dances as a preventive measure/reminder to our students that we are concerned about student health and safety and encourage good choices.


The aim of dances sponsored by CHS is for students to socialize, expend energy, and have fun in a safe, supervised setting.  Accordingly, students are expected to respect one another and each other’s bodies and spaces by dancing facing one another and will be removed from the dance floor and may face consequences by an administrator if they make inappropriate contact with another student on the dance floor.


The CHS ASB, staff, and administration host more school dances than most high schools, in deference to the convenience of our high school’s location in the community and out of a desire to provide safe and supervised activities for our students.  We cannot hold these events without adult supervision.  WE ASK FOR PARENT SUPPORT OF OUR SCHOOL DANCES BY CHAPERONING!  CONTACT PTO OR CHS ASB TO VOLUNTEER!


Formal CHS Dances (Homecoming, Prom) are usually held off campus, and require permission slips and ticket purchase in advance and before stated deadlines.  Students may invite non-CHS students, with a separate permission slip, guest school administrator approval, and identification required.


Thank you!


Jennifer Moore, Principal
Coronado High School
619.522.8907 x2096