Schedule Change Request Forms

Posted by: Erin Rowan 3 years, 6 months ago

Schedule Change Request Forms

Dear Students and Parents,


Students are expected to be enrolled in the courses they requested in the spring.  Students with schedules stamped “See Counselor” or who are new to CUSD are the ONLY students who will be permitted to meet with counselors during the first week of school regarding class schedules.  Schedule change request forms won’t be made available to students until the end of the first day of school on August 24, and students must return them to the office with a parent signature (counselors WILL check with parents to authenticate schedule requests and forged forms will NOT be considered for schedule changes) by September 8th.


We appreciate your patience as we work first to enroll students who do not have course schedules, and to correct student schedules with missing class periods or incorrect course levels already identified.  Our goal is to ensure students are in the proper academic courses to meet their skill levels and goals.  Elective changes MAY NOT be possible due to staffing and class sizes. 


Thank you,

CHS Counseling and Administration