Tecate Orphanage Help

Posted by: Erin Rowan 4 years, 3 months ago

Tecate Orphanage Help

Hello CHS,

I am planning our next trip to visit the orphanage in Tecate, Mexico.  Last year was a huge success and I was able to fill my car to the max with presents, food, and clothing for the children.  It was a wonderful experience for us all to be able to see the good work they are doing with orphaned children in the Baja region.  If you would like to donate again this year, I would be very grateful.  I have attached a flyer if you would like more information.  Also, if you would like to come with us to visit the orphanage, please let me know.  The date is not set yet, but it will be in the middle of December most likely.  We meet up and all drive together to Mexico.  It's about 45 minutes south of the border.  The ranch is very nice and it's a great outing for all.  The picture is of my daughter Kensey with a baby.   

Please click here for informational flyer.

With much gratitude, Mia