"Tradition" of senior prank

Posted by: Erin Rowan 5 years, 9 months ago

"Tradition" of senior prank

Dear Class of 2015 and Parents,


There have been a variety of discussions with members of the senior class regarding the “tradition” of senior prank.  We have been proud of students’ willingness to engage in constructive and positive dialogue with us, and feel it is important that we share the themes of our discussions and our approach with students regarding this activity. 


For reasons of liability, concerns about student safety, accountability, and wellbeing and the condition of our facilities, as well as our desire to preserve relationships among students and between students and staff forged over four years, we will not condone an unsupervised and unchaperoned senior “prank.”  We discussed alternatives with senior class members, including a chaperoned early-morning activity with breakfast.  However, we did not approve students missing class for this event, and students abandoned that proposal.  There is no supervised activity currently planned or approved, though we remain willing to collaborate with our students on a senior bonding experience that does not damage or destroy property, disrupt class or instruction, endanger students, or interfere with the mutual respect between the senior class and staff.  Students and parents should be aware that students are not permitted on campus outside of school hours for any unsupervised activity, regardless of City of Coronado curfew. 


We are excited about the opportunities and privileges earned by the senior class and offered by CHS in celebration of their accomplishments, including an all-day Disneyland trip, Senior Breakfast, and time built into the week of graduation for family celebrations. We want to emphasize that our teachers and staff members look forward to spending as much time with our graduating seniors as possible during their last weeks and days on our campus, for celebrations, reflections, and closure. 


Thank you, and we encourage your feedback, questions, and concerns.


Jenny Moore, Steve Abbott, and Shane Schmeichel





Jennifer Moore, Principal

Coronado High School

650 D Avenue

Coronado, CA 92118

(619) 522-8907 x2096