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Each CHS student and parent is responsible for understanding and complying with this policy.

Any questions about the policy can be directed to Mrs. Doris Ricks, Attendance Technician, at 619-522-8907 x2094, Ms. Catherine Burling, Assistant Principal, 619-522-8907 x2073,  or Mr. Timothy Hopper, Assistant Principal, 619-522-8907 x2095.

A student is expected to be “in class, on time.” This is not only a legal requirement; it is also in the best interests of the student’s academic and personal development.  Being “in class, on time” is the CHS standard for personal responsibility and consideration of other students and the teachers.

Our attendance policy in accordance with Ed. Code 48205 stipulates that absences can ONLY be excused for the following reasons:  personal illness; health department quarantine; medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic appointments; attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member; jury duty or any other court order requiring a personal appearance such as a subpoena; exclusion for failure to present evidence of immunization; observance of a religious holiday; attendance at a SART or SARB (Attendance Review) hearing.

Education Code Section 48260 states “Any pupil subject to full time education who is absent from school without a valid excuse three (3) days or tardy without a valid excuse in excess of 30 minutes on each of more than three (3) days in any one school year is a truant and shall be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the district.”  Also, in accordance with Section 48260.5:

  1. The parent or guardian is obligated to compel the attendance of the pupil at school.
  2. Parents or guardians who fail to meet this obligation may be guilty of an infraction and subject to prosecution.
  3. The parent or guardian has a right to meet with appropriate school personnel to discuss solutions to the pupil’s truancy and to learn what alternative educational programs are available.

Calling in a Student Absence

Call 619-522-8907 x2094 or email the morning of the absence.  Report full-day absences immediately, as you would an absence to the workplace. 

  1. EACH consecutive day of absence must be called in.
  2. All absences must be excused within 24 hours by phone call, email or written note to the Attendance Technician. 
  3. Please refer to your student's teachers' policies on absences and student work, tests, and assignments. Each teacher may have different requirements to make up work, tests, etc.
  4. A student's academic grade will be affected by unexcused absences.

Please be aware that the Attendance Technician may not be able to code your student’s absence immediately, which could result in an automated phone call to you. If you have phoned in or emailed the information and receive an automated phone call, check your student’s attendance record in one to two days. If the absence still has not been cleared, then call the Attendance Technician at 619-522-8907, ext 2094.

See full attendance policy for more information on excused absences, doctor's appointments, etc. 

Reporting Planned Absences During A Single Day

If you know your student will be leaving school early for a doctor appointment or other reason, students are required to bring a note signed by a parent to the attendance office when they first arrive at school.  An off-campus pass will be issued for the time of release from school for the appointment.  

Please be aware that calling in during the day to excuse your student from school puts extra strain on the attendance office. The Attendance Technician and the Receptionist cannot leave the front office.   An office assistant may not be available, so there may be a delay in releasing your student. Your cooperation and courtesy in sending your student in with a note on the morning of the scheduled absence is much appreciated, and it will ensure your student is ready to be picked up when you arrive.

Saturday School Policy

Saturday School may be assigned as a consequence for failure to follow school rules or to make up unexcused absences.

Saturday School runs from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on pre-arranged dates; students who do not arrive promptly by 8:00 AM will be turned away and subject to additional consequences.

Students who fail to attend Saturday School or exhibit inappropriate behavior will be sent home from Saturday School and will face additional consequences.

Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom; during a break at 10:00 AM, students will be permitted to use the restroom and eat and drink outside the classroom.

Students are responsible for bringing appropriate educational materials to complete schoolwork, including texts, assignments, calculators, etc. Students are advised that school technology resources will not be available at Saturday School. Students without educational materials or resources will be provided with assignments.

Students are expected to remain productive throughout the four-hour Saturday School. Sleeping, socializing, listening to electronic media, using cell phones, and playing video games will not be permitted. Students who are idle will be given additional assignments.

Students shall fill out the contract to indicate work they intend to complete during the four-hour Saturday School. Appropriate teachers will sign to indicate that work was completed and assessed.

Independent Study Contracts - for scheduled absences of five or more days

Students who will miss five or more consecutive days for reasons other than illness may complete Independent Study in lieu of attending school, with the prior approval of CHS Administration.

Here are the steps to follow for an Independent Study Contract:

  1. As soon as the student knows they will be needing an ISP, even if it is far in advance of the actual dates of absence, they should come by the Attendance office to obtain a yellow “Request for Independent Study” form. The student and parent sign this form and return it to the Attendance office for approval by an Administrator.
  2. One week prior to the date the ISP begins, the student should come by the Attendance office to obtain a blue “Independent Study Contract.” The student must have their teachers initial this contract and provide assignments before leaving. The initialed contract is brought to the Attendance office; a copy will be made and the original returned to the student.
  3. Within five days of return from Independent Study, the student must have the teachers initial and note the extent that assignments were completed. Copies of two assignments must be attached to the contract, and all must be returned to the Attendance office.
  4. Failure to complete the conditions of the Independent Study Contract in a timely manner will result in unexcused absences with the associated consequences.

Forms & Resources

Full Attendance Policy

Saturday School Agreement

Weekend Makeup Class Agreement

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