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Coronado High School

All For One, One For All
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School Dances School Clubs

CHS offers more than 60 clubs.  


CHS boasts a very active ASB under the leadership of the Executive Commission. The ASB plans and promotes school activities ranging from dances, movie nights, and lunchtime activities, to spirit and pep rallies. ASB also oversees student-run clubs at CHS. Class officers for the sophomore, junior, and senior class are elected the previous spring.  Class officers for the freshman class are held the fall that class begins.


NJROTC is offered as a daily class at Coronado High School. In that regard, it is like any other class. In other regards, it is very different. We stress character development and core values to try to ensure our students are among the most successful at the high school. We wear a uniform proudly each Thursday, take lots of field trips, in the local area and as far away as Hawaii and Washington DC, and do community service to learn to help others. But when you get right down to it - we just have a lot of fun! Probably the biggest misconception is that you incur a military obligation by taking NJROTC. That is absolutely not true. Although NJROTC can provide the student with an introduction to the military, no student is ever required to serve. You can take NJROTC in high school for one year or all four years. Check us out and see if NJROTC can help you become a more successful high school student, and better prepare you for college or a career.

Band and Choir Band

CHS offers a range of courses in band for students with musical interest. While Band is the most popular course, we also offer Electronic Music as well as AP Music Theory. Performances take place each winter and spring. CHS understands that music enriches the student both in their experience and education in high school.


CHS is proud to be a partner of the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA). CoSA provides opportunities for students to extend their school day to pursue their passions in one of six areas. These areas are known as conservatories and include Theater Production and Design, Classical and Contemporary Dance, Digital Media, Instrumental Music, Musical Theatre and Drama, Visual Arts.
Admissions to CoSA are open to students both at CHS and throughout the county. Applications and auditions are held each spring for the following school year. For more information please visit the CoSA website.

Field Trips Field Trips

A critical aspect of education is hands-on experience. Some of that can be done in the classroom, but students learn much more by getting out and doing and seeing. One of the primary ways our students gain perspective and understanding is on field trips.  Field trips are hosted by courses, clubs, and, at times, by classes. Recent field trips have included the Museum of Tolerance, Sea World, local nature preserves, professional science labs, visits to local businesses, and participating in competitions. In order to attend field trips students must have permission slips turned in on time and also have all absences and tardies cleared.

National Honor Society National Honor Society & Honor Council

CHS is proud to host a strong chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) & Honor Council. This nationally recognized organization seeks to foster community service in young adults and admits students based on academic achievement. Becoming a member of NHS is desirable for students because it is highly regarded on college applications.
Applications are available each spring and consider a combination of GPA, teacher recommendations, and a positive record of good conduct at CHS. Students may first apply in the 10th grade and may reapply each of the following years they are in high school. If a student is denied admission one year they are encouraged to understand where they may improve their application and apply again the following year.

Yearbook Yearbook

Students in our yearbook course do much more than create a memorable work for their classmates; they are also documenting the history of CHS. The course takes students through the entire creation process from concept to actual layout and printing. Students learn about the history and traditions of CHS while they capture the culture and times by chronicling events, courses, and activities on campus. Each year’s yearbook is also truly the history book for CHS.

School Dances School Dances

Dances at CHS range from informal dances on campus to formal dances (such as Homecoming, Prom, Sadie Hawkins) that often take place off site. ASB, a student club, or a class year sponsors each dance, and each sponsor is responsible for planning and hosting the event.