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Coronado High School

All For One, One For All
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New to CHS?

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Coronado High School is the only comprehensive public school in Coronado, CA and is conveniently located in the center of the city.

Our unique qualities include the support of the tight-knit and generous community; students who are prepared, curious, and viewquotetheir school as a home-away from home; and inspired staff who are committed and dedicated to the growth and achievement of the whole student. The instructional program is augmented by the presence of the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) and rich offeringsin Career Technical Education, NJROTC and adult education.
Our military community and students also enrich the population of CHS. In any given year our student population is composed of 20-30% students from military families. Our school is accustomed and designed to facilitate a smoother transition of families moving in and out of the district. We understand the challenges and have supports in place for the particular needs of the military community. In this we work closely with on-base support to ensure that we take care of entire families.
One of the primary reasons that CHS continuously ranks high in local and national academic rankings is because of the support from the Coronado community. Our rich slate of student programs exists in large part because of the generous provision of the community, individuals and businesses through the Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF) and Coronado Arts Education Foundation (CorArtsEd). 
quote 2We are proud that CHS has one of the highest graduation rates in all of San Diego County. This is statistical evidence of the positive expectation that every student will find and achieve success in high school. The commitment by our staff and teachers is to encourage, enable, and equip students to find and pursue success in their passions. In this pursuit we continuously seek to provide a flexible and responsive environment that responds to the needs of students in our ever-changing world.
We welcome you into our proud community!