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Dual Enrollment and Community College


Dual Enrollment Courses - College Courses offered through Southwestern College on the CHS Campus

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Dual enrollment courses are where students can earn both college and high school credit for college courses completed while they’re still in high school. Dual Enrollment courses are offered to 10th-12th grades students through Southwestern College(SWC) and are held on the CHS campus. The courses are taught by a SWC professor, where the student earns college credit that meets college entrance requirements for most UC and CSU schools. Each course is worth 10 CHS credits that meets graduation requirements as well. Dual Enrollment courses will be weighted on a student's CHS transcript.
All courses attempted and the units earned will be recorded on the student's permanent record for future use toward college graduation requirements. Dual enrollment requires students to apply to SWC and complete the complex registration process. All courses are treated as such as the student is enrolled in college with all communication being between the student and professor. These courses are a great opportunity for students to get college credit and experience. 
Benefits of taking a Dual Enrollment Course:
  • Students earn weighted high school credit (same as AP) on their high school transcript
  • Students earn college credit that is transferrable to most Universities
  • This class counts as one of your 3 or 4 classes
  • Course ONLY meets two times a week during period 1 (except for ASL)
  • Fall Term - August to December
  • Spring Term - February to May
Dual Enrollment Guidelines for 2023-2024:
  • Student must be in 10th-12th grades 
  • Recommended minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Overall history of good attendance
  • Student displays self-discipline and motivation 
  • No past history of withdrawing or dropping a Dual Enrollment course 
  • Student must meet the registration requirements and deadline or their spot will be filled and they will need to enroll in a CHS courses


Dual Enrollment Courses Offered 2022-2023 


Courses offered in 2023-2024 are the following:

Fall 2022
    • Introduction to Business - Great for any student pursuing a career in business, accounting, finance, economics, real estate, or if you plan to own your own business
    • American Sign Language 1
Spring 2022
  • American Sign Language 1
  • American Sign Language 2

Southwestern College Dual Enrollment Program (Also called California College & Career Access Pathways (CCAP) 


Dual Enrollment (CCAP) Registration Process

STEP 1: Review the Dual Enrollment CCAP Introduction Overview Presentation
  • Note - You do not need to attend an application workshop or orientation through SWC if you have already attended a workshop at CHS
STEP 3: Complete CCC Apply Application (If you are currently in a SWC course, you can skip to step 5)
  • Complete CCC Apply Application – Click  HERE (Select the red Credit Courses box and the New & Returning Students gold section)
STEP 4: Complete SWC Application -  
  • After you complete the CCC Apply application, it will bring you to the Southwestern College page and there will be a link that says Start New Application. Click on that to complete your SWC application. It is a little tedious and confusing, so please let me know if you have any questions.
  • For enrollment status – please select Enrolling in high school and college at the same time.
STEP 5*: Submit a CCAP Student Agreement Form (Regardless if you have completed one before, every student needs to complete this step for Spring 2023 courses)
*You can only complete this step once you have received your MySWC ID and password, which will be sent to your email 1-2 business days from the time your application was submitted
STEP 6: Complete the CHS Spring Google Form
HELP Resources:
  • The best resource is accessing our CHS SWC peer ambassador and CHS Counselor Ms. Ereno in the CCC at lunch on Tuesdays!
  • Students can use our CCAP webpage as a reference- it includes "How to" videos for the parent signature in English and Spanish.
  • Jaguar Call Center (619) 482-6482 - We are happy to announce that students can now reach us via our Jaguar Call Center. The Outreach team is happy to answer any questions and support students through the application, CCAP, and HSS process. Our hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 6:30 pm and Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.
  • Outreach Lobby:
  • Zoom Outreach Lobby:
  • Email:
For any questions regarding Dual Enrollment, please email Kristen Ereno, CHS Counselor, at

Community College Information 

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    • Click on Outreach Lobby to access Chat or Video Chat 

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