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Coronado High School

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Each CHS student and parent is responsible for understanding and complying with this policy.

Any questions can be directed to the Attendance Technician Doris Ricks at (619) 522-8907 (2094) or the Assistant Principals, Rikki Betancourt, ext. 2095 or Tim Kusserow, ext. 2070.
Regular daily attendance is a key factor to the success a student achieves at school. There are only 180 school days each year.  Absence from school limits a student’s educational opportunities, which can have a direct impact on his/her grades, academic achievement, self-esteem, and ultimately success in future endeavors.
If students are healthy and can attend school, encourage regular attendance.  Whenever possible, schedule doctor appointments and other non-school activities outside of the instructional day.
90% attendance sounds good, but means that a student misses:
  • One half day each week
  • Nearly four weeks every school year
  • Over one school year in a school career
Students can only benefit from and make the most of their educational opportunities if they attend school regularly and on time.  There is a clear connection between student attendance and student performance in school.  Every hour counts.


Parents must notify the school of the reason for their student’s absence within 24 hours.  School Administrators will classify the absence as excused or unexcused according to Ed. Code 48205, which stipulates that absences are excused only if they meet one of the following criteria:
  • Personal illness*
  • Health department quarantine
  • Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointments
  • Attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member
  • Jury duty or any other court order (such as a subpoena) requiring a personal appearance
  • Exclusion for failure to present evidence of immunization
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Military Family reunification
Any absence, for a reason other than those listed above is UNEXCUSED. Be factual about the reason for your student’s absence. Not all unexcused absences have consequences. Check with the Attendance Technician for additional information about which type of unexcused absences do not result in consequences.
*CHS requires a doctor’s note after 5 consecutive or 10 cumulative days of absence. Absences will be unexcused without the required additional information from the doctor.


Call the attendance line 619-522-8907 Ext 1 within 24 hours of the absence.
NOTE: If you student is absent for two or more consecutive days, each day of absence must be called in within 24 hours.
An absence that is not properly reported within 24 hours is UNEXCUSED and may remain unexcused even if subsequently reported.


To release a student for an appointment, send the student to school with a note that states date, time and reason for release, signed by parent. Student presents note to Attendance Technician upon arrival at school.
Student will be issued a pink “Release Pass” which they should keep with them while they are off campus.  Students who are off-campus without a “Release Pass,” other than during lunch, are truant and may be ticketed by the police for truancy.
Upon returning to school, student must check in with Attendance Technician and present proof of the appointment (request your doctor to provide this).
If your student needs to be released and you have not sent them in with a note:
  • Call 619.522.8907, ext 0.  Your call will be answered by the CHS Receptionist. Please state date, time and reason for release.
  • Call as early as possible. It takes time to get your student out of class. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated.


Students who feel ill during the school day must report to the nurse’s office.  The nurse’s office will call the parent, and only then will the student be released to go home. If a student leaves school without checking out of the health office first, the absence will remain unexcused.


Students are expected to be in class on time. Punctuality is an important life skill.  Tardiness is disruptive to the educational process and is inconsiderate of teachers and fellow students.
The start of each class is signaled by a first bell; the student has five minutes to get to class and be seated. A second bell, the tardy bell, signals the beginning of instructional time. A student is tardy if he/she is not in the classroom, in their seat, when the tardy bell rings.
Students tardy to a class should come to the front office for a tardy pass.
CONSEQUENCES for Tardies and Unexcused Absences
Students with excessive tardiness or certain types of unexcused absences receive consequences.  Progressive discipline may include, but is not limited to:
Lunch Detention: Student is required to report to front office and spend their lunch period there. Phone usage is not allowed.
Tuesday and Thursday School Detention: Tuesday and Thursday School detention is supervised by a certificated teacher. Students may use the time work on school assignments. Phone usage is not allowed. Tuesday and Thursday School attendance is mandatory.  If the student has a compelling need to reschedule, he/she must speak with an Assistant Principal prior to the scheduled date.  Failure to attend Tuesday and Thursday School will affect the student’s ability to participate in CHS extracurricular activities and result in progressive consequences.
Saturday School Enrichment: Saturday School Enrichment occurs on specified Saturdays throughout the school year, from 8 am to noon, and is supervised by a certificated teacher. Students may use the time to work on school assignments, but phone usage is not allowed. Students may be required to participate in community service or other enrichment opportunities such as CPR/ FIRST AID training, college and career readiness activities, or special guest speakers.  Saturday School attendance is mandatory. If the student has a compelling need to reschedule, he/she must speak with an Assistant Principal prior to the scheduled date. A student is only allowed to reschedule one time.  Part-time employment and/or sporting events do not take precedence over Saturday School. Failure to attend Saturday School will affect the student’s ability to participate in CHS extracurricular activities and result in progressive consequences.
Truancy Defined (California Education Code 48260): A student who is absent from school without a valid excuse three full days in one school year or tardy or absent for more than a 30-minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three occasions in one school year, or any combination thereof, shall be classified as a truant.
  • A student with a total of three instances of truancy will receive an attendance notice from the school district.
  • A student with a total of six instances of truancy will receive a second notice from the school district.  The parent will be required to contact the school and may be required to have a meeting with their student and administration.  The student and parent may be required to complete a SART (Student Attendance Review Team) contract and monitor their student’s daily attendance.
  • A student with a total of nine instances of truancy will receive a third notice from the school district and may be required to attend a SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) hearing.  A SARB hearing is a legal hearing held with the student, parent, school district administrators, county officers, and other officials.  A SARB contract is created.  Failure to adhere to a SARB contract stipulations could result in a referral to the San Diego County District Attorney or other County agencies.


District policy states that students have the right to receive and complete work so that they will not get behind in their coursework.  If your student will be missing school due to illness or planned absence (that does not qualify for an Independent Study contract), have your student speak to their teachers about assignments they will be missing, what is expected, and how best to keep up.  Be sure to call the Attendance Office to report your student’s absence. Teachers are not required to accept work or provide makeup assignments or tests for students who missed class due to tardiness or unexcused absences.
Students must be present four or more periods to be eligible for extracurricular activities on the day of an absence. Students with any unexcused period absences on the last school day prior to a weekend event are ineligible to participate.


Students who have a planned absence of five or more consecutive days of school due to illness or other reasons may complete an Independent Study Contract with the prior approval of CHS Administration. The parent must complete the “Request for Independent Study” form (available in the front office) at least one week prior to the absence date. Instructions for completing the Independent Study Contract are on that form.


Students who have certain types of unexcused absences (for example, family event, college visit, non-CHS sports event) may use a Weekend Make-up Day to “make up” the missed time.  California Ed. Code (37223; 37330) allows for Weekend Make-up Days to extend to any CHS extra-curricular activities spanning four or more consecutive hours on a Saturday or Sunday, under the supervision of a CHS certificated employee. This includes academic activity (such as Final exam review), service activity, performances, sports events or any other 4-hour activity under the supervision of a CHS certificated teacher.
Weekend Make-up days may not be exchanged for Saturday Schools assigned for disciplinary reasons including unexcused absences, excessive tardiness, or behavior resulting in disciplinary action. Students may not use prior Weekend Make-up Day activities to cover future planned personal unexcused absences (i.e. a Weekend Make-up Day can only make up for a previous, not a future, absence.)