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Coronado High School

All For One, One For All
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CHS Clubs

Coronado High School Clubs

Club Directory



  Club Name Club President Advisor Advisor Room Meeting Day Meeting Time Date of First Meeting Instagram
  Academic League Isabella Whalen Brooke Nixon 517 Thursdays after school mid Sept tryouts n/a
  Asian Culture Club Nina Pierce Hoang 504 every other tuesday lunch Sept 9 @asianclubnado
  Badmiton Club Luke Johnson Mr. Dean senior lawn Thursdays lunch Sept. 11 @coronadobadmintonclub_swag
  Best Buddies Audrey Slaughter Katie Quinly 701 Every other Thursday lunch tbd @bestbuddiescoronado
  Book Club Isabella Hodges Allana Rickards library monday and wednesday lunch tbd @chs_dungeonsdragons
  BookWorms Kennedy McCanne Alexander Wallace tbd tbd lunch tbd n/a
  Buisness Club Sofia Golcoechea and Isa Solloa Heaphy 501/off campus twice a month, lunch, 2nd and last tuesday of the month lunch Sept 16
  Card Club Gabe Porath Chao MPR every friday lunch sept 23 n/a
  Chess and Bagel Club Anneliese Wong and Carter Cohen Mr. Heaphy 501 every other Monday lunch Sept 20 @chschessbagelclub
  CHS Aeronautical Engineering Club Abraham Berke Alexander Wallace 603 Tuesdays Lunch    
  CHS Lunchies Chloe Berk Vanasse          
  Cibus Fanaticus Diego Guzman Stoever 408 once month on Friday lunch Sept 17 @cibus.fanaticus
  Class of 2022 Carter Cohen Aldy - - - - @coronado.2022
  Class of 2023 Jessie Hill Mr. Goodenough - - - - @chsclassof.2023
  Class of 2024 Susanna Pate Mr. Nandi - - - - @nadoclassof24
  Class of 2025 Alex Colon Mrs. Nixon - - - - @nadoclassof25
  Coronado Islander Times Caroline Chesnut Hoang 404 First Firday of the month Lunch    
  Coronado Junior Optimist Emma Borgie Aleander Wallace 603 First wednesday of every month lunch Sept 18 @chsjoiclub
  COSA Student Council Katie Sullivan Arielle Luna 411 Tuesdays 4:30-5:30    
  Creative Writing Sadie Wong Chao 305 Weekly on Tuesdays with the occasional Friday lunch Sept 14 @chswritingsquad
  Crochet Club Jaya Jost Haslam in quad on the grass on Wednesdays every other week lunch Sept. 18
  Crown City Robotics Mannuel Waisbord Ms. Haslam Robotics room Tuesday lunch Sept 14 @crowncityroboticsclub
  Culinary Club Andreana Frangos Aldy 504 Twice a month, the first meeting on Friday's during lunch, the second on Wednesdays after school lunch 10/1 @coronado_culinary_club
  Days For Girls Sam Zoehrer Nicole Belong 702 Wednesday Mornings Before School Sept 15 @dfgcoronado
  Dead Poets Society Jamie Piercy Mr. Stoever & Hoang 408 second friday of every month lunch 11/12 @dpschs
  Dessert Corral Chloe Spinella Nandi Devan 601 Weekly on Wednesday lunch tbd @dessertcorral
  Dungeon and Dragons Makayla Weed Heaphy 501 every other monday lunch Sept 13 @chs_dungeonsdragons
  Emerald Keepers Jessie Hill Laura Hill the Emerald Keeper's school garden (in between the football field and village elementary) 3 Saturdays a month after school Sept. 11 @emeraldkeepers.chs
  Envio Action Kailani Lenart Mrs Vanasse 704 First Thursday of every mjonth lunch Sept 16 @chs.enviroaction
  Fashion CLub Emma Slaughter Mrs Belong 702 lunch on Wednesdays lunch Oct 6 n/a
  Feminist Ashley Ingrande Vanasse 704 every other tuesday lunch Sept. 14 @chsfeministclub
  Flight Club Julia Sutter Haslam 705 Wednesday lunch Sept. 15 @flightclub.chs
  Gender Sexulaity Alliance Dominique Langevin Kim Staussburger 101 every wednesday lunch Sept 15 @coronadohsgsa
  Global Health Club Audriana Palacios Arrielle Luna 411 every other monday lunch Sept 13 @chsglobalhealth
  Helping Hands Olivia Schoettke Arielle 416 first monday of every month lunch Oct. 4 @chs.helping.hands
  HOSA Ashley Arnas Ms. Chrisman 518 every other tuesday lunch tbd @coronado.hosa
  Improv Club Kendal Becerra Barabara Wolf tbd every other week lunch Sept 14 @chs.improv
  Interact Declan Dineen and Catherine Mcanally Heidi Bergener Art Room monthly lunch tbd @coronadointeractclub
  Investors Evan Thoms Heaphy 502 first tuesday of every month lunch Oct. 8 @chs_investors
  Jewish Culture Carter Cohen Silverman SIlvermans room first tuesday of every month lunch Sept 28 @chsjewishcultureclub
  Lettuce Club Ian Beppler Mr. Heckestad 303 every other thursday lunch Sept 16 @official_chs_lettuce_club
  Make a Differance Kameron Tessier and Allee Anderson Tam Hoang 404 two Mondays a month lunch tbd
  Make a Wish Reagan Yeager Ms. Bernardy/Nixon outside of school We will meet once a monthy on the 3rd Wednesday after school Sept 22 @makeawishcoronado
  Mi Mitad Sam Zoehrer Maria Gutierrez from home everyo other sunday after school tbd @nadomymitad
  Mock Trial Club Roli Tinsley Tiffany Ciccone 403 Tuesdays Lunch    
  Mythology Is Jones Pehrsson 405 First and Third Thursdays of the Month lunch Sept 16 @chsmythologyclub
  NAMI Charlotte Welsh Chrisman tbd once a month - day tbd after school tbd @coronadonami
  National Honor Society Lana AlariSmith Michelle Evenson Auditorium Tuesday Once a month lunch Sept 14 @nadonhs
  No Place for Hate Audrey Moore Karin Mellina MPR tbd lunch tbd @chsnoplaceforhate
  Pizza Club Sarah Olsen and Piper Shanks Mr. Hoang guad first friday of every month lunch Oct 1 @chspizzaclub
  Puppy Club Cate Carlson/Marlie Meoni Arielle 411 every other thursday lunch Sept 16 @chspuppyclub
  S2S Allee Anderson Goldman quad Thursday once a month lunch Sept 23 @coronados2s
  Save Endangered Species Zoe Searles Probasco Probasco's Room once a month lunch Sept 13 @chs.savespecies
  Spanish Speaking Diego Girault Haslam         @chs_ssclub
  Surf Team Mariana Dick Nicole Belong shipwreck beach Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday after school Sept 4
  Surfrider Foundation Mallory Morrissey Nicole Belong 702 Monday once a month lunch Oct. 11 @chssurfriderfoundation
  The Trivia Club Roli Tinsley Tanaka MPR Tuesdasy, Friday lunch Sept. 17 @chs.triviaclub
  The Walking Club Charlotte Welsh Stoever off campus once a month after school tbd @chswalkers
  Travis Manion Club Audrey Slaughter Laura Hill 302 every first wednesday of month lunch Sept. 15 @tmfclubchs
  True Crime Club Gracie West Haslam 705 first and third wednesday of every month lunch sept 15 @chstruecrimeclub
  UNICEF Monisha Gunasekera Jean Pehrsson 405 2nd thursday of every month lunch tbd @chsunicefclub
  Young Activists Helena Johnson/Gigi Dugas Heaphy 501 every Friday lunch Sept 17 @chs_youngactivists
  Young Democrats Riley Mcgrath Telebrico senior lawn once a month on Tuesday lunch Sept. 14 @nadoyoungdems
  Young Republicans Cate Carlson Belong 702   Lunch   @nadoyoungrepublicans